On this site we would like to present to You some restaurants which we or our friends have good experiences with. Recommendations can come handy when choosing from the numerous possibilities.
Jupiter is our first recommendation. The restaurant is located in the heart of the City, and is quite popular, so it's probably a good idea to reserve a table in advance.
Our tipp: Punjena Pljeskavica (Filled Steak)

Pizzeria Jupiter

Pizzeria Tivoli

According to many, the best Pizza in Paula.
There's also delivery.

Restoran Bunarina

It's nearby the apartment. The Place fishermen used to meet at is now a popular Restaurant, with seafood for better prices than by the concurrence.

Stara Konoba

The Restaurant is on the coast at Fažana. The Fish is delicious.

Trattoria Fažana

Another great Restaurant in Fažane.

Konoba Boccaporta

Near our apartment, there is a Konoba Boccaporta. It's always advisable to reserve a spot in advance.
Recommendation Veal cooked under the bell.(Peka)

Konoba Danijeli

If you're on a trip around Istria and looking for a good restaurant, don't miss Konoba Danijeli.
Konoba Danijeli offers a wide selection of grilled dishes