Dove or seagull cliffs

The so called "Golubove Rocks" are 3.5km away from the apartment.
On Google they are referred to as the "Seagull Rocks" (
Golubove Stjene), but according to the locals of Pula, they are called  the "Dove Rocks"  (Galebove stjene).
The cave reaches a length of around 25–50m; there is no natural light inside. Hence, it is advisable to bring a flashlight. As the Rocks are highly popular, it is very likely tha
t you will encounter kayak tours inside, in which case, you won't need a flashlight. The cave can be visited by kayak or
swum into. It is visited both during the day and at night.

Protected Area Kamenjak-Premantura

Less than 10 km from our apartment, you will find the protected area of Kamenjak-Premantura. This peninsula is rich in hidden beaches, underwater caves, and is a popular spot for diving or kayak tours. You can rent bicycles or ATVs to explore the area. The huge cliffs atract thousands of visitars every year, wanting to take a jump. And of course, visiting the iconic Safari bar is a must.